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Oval Medio drop in sink

This hand painted drop in sink “Oval Medio” measures 43 x 35,5 cm, and is the medium model of our drop in sinks; It stands out as an elegant central point on your bathroom or in a guest bathroom. Select your Oval Medio Sink from our different variety of designs, and bring a wonderful and unique accent to your bathroom.

The art in the Talavera clay products has a very long tradition in Mexico, and they bring beauty to any house or garden thanks to their unequaled designs. We are proud to bring to you our beautiful and easy to mount sinks in this style.

Like all our products from Mexiko 4 U, our lively hand painted “Talavera” Sinks, are all made and painted by hand in Mexico. Each piece is unique. They are made of resistant Sanitar Ceramic like other sinks.
All our Drop In Sinks have an overlow system. The upper lip runs wider to facilitate the mounting. The drainage hole is 1 1/4” Standard size, which makes the mounting quite simple.

Shipment content: Sink with overflow. (does not contain: Accessories like pipes or faucet, etc.

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